How much power does your system use?

  • The short and sweet answer is, not a lot. Generally, our customers do not experience any changes to their charge/use habits. The long answer involves a little bit of math. Given a 20 minute flight window, from the time you power on the retract system, to the time you turn it off, (including the up and down cycles) you would use around 7mAh. For a 2200mAh battery you will be able to complete 314 flights (2200/7 = 314) before the retracts deplete your battery. That being said, we do not recommend going that long without a charge. Not knowing how much power your receiver, flight surfaces, ignition systems, or any other factors require, we advise you stay with your current charge/flight schedule.
  • Ensure your power system is in working order,¬†as, loose connections, coiled extension wire, weak batteries, pinched wires, conductors showing, and other power system flaws can lead to failures. Discuss your electrical system with the factory prior to use. Check your system prior to flight.