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Mario Vanillo

Down and Locked was selected by Bodego Bay Theoretical Pictures a division of Warner Brothers to provide the realistic retractable landing gear for the academy award nominated movie Dunkirk.

Bodego Bay project director Mario Vanillo provided us with this quote:
Thanks for the great product you provided for the movie Dunkirk the landing gear worked flawlessly.


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Gary Prince


I became a customer of Mitch"s several years ago. Almost from the start, because of the sort of person Mitch is, we also became Friends. I can't imagine a better business model than Mitch has. I would put it this way. Be honest, be fare, and be there. No one and nothing we produce is perfect. But Mitch knows how important reliable landing gear is and he learned this from being a modeller himself. He realized that he could do this better and set out to do just that. As a result, we in the R/C aviation hobby now have reliable electric landing gear and Mitch is the one who set the bar, both for the product and the customer support of that product. If problems arise, he is always available and all in for getting to the bottom of it and solving whatever it is, even if it proves to be a user end issue. No matter, the gear MUST work, and work every time. You will have a friend in your corner in Mitch, and full support for the aircraft systems he provides you.

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Down and Locked Testimonial


I can't say a single bad thing about the Down and Locked retract conversion. My gear work more smoothly and scale-like than I could have ever imagined and I no longer have to deal with air hoses, pumps and the hassles that go along with them. Mitch Stott is a real, down-home, "Deal-on-a-handshake" kind of guy who is a pleasure to deal with and still believes in giving great customer service.

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Charles Drummond


These retracts are fantastic, compact and light, they do all that is claimed, I have e-flite retracts, wont be using them again in a hurry, (very heavy and bulky) plus also the people at Down And Locked, are great, if you are looking for hassle free retracts, these are the way to go.

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Received the retracts yesterday and they look amazing. I am going to take them to the field this weekend to show everyone. Once I get the plane finished and get a chance to test them, I will most definitely provide you with some feed back. Thanks also for the information on the conversion to electric. I did pass it on to my fellow club member this passed weekend. He was just curious and looking at some possible options to the air he is currently using.

I really appreciate everything you have done.

Thanks Again and God Bless !



I love my retracts. The product quality is excellent and the cater for all aeroplane sizes. I've also been to the factory and the machinery is amazing!

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Rick – Very Happy


Hi Mitch, the parcel turned up today - seems the tracking system wasn't up to date.

Thank you so much for your fantastic work - your work is simply brilliant.

Kind regards


Thomas Usowski


Hi Mitch! These retracts are amazing! I have taking off and landed in short grass and also a paved runway, and these work fantastic. No wobble or bending like the E-Flite retracts, these just work great. I have attached some pictures and a quick video of them. To install them I just had to use a dremel to cut some of the plastic the retracts sit into, but installation was quick and easy. Thanks again so much, and I know I'll order more for some of my other planes. Thanks!

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