Many retract systems have been available for a while now. Traditional pneumatic retract manufacturers as well as a few new companies, have introduced electric retracts to the market in the last few years. Although improvements have been made, certain problems are still present.

High Quality Gear that can handle thousands of cycles

What Makes Our Retracts So Much Safer?

It’s the only retract system with an intelligent central control system that can do all of the following:

  1. Built in power supply and voltage regulation to protect our receiver.
  2. Separate conditions for retracting and extending the gear.
  3. Automatically adjusts for variable conditions like wind resistance and also.
  4. Stable conditions like wheel weight and strut length.
  5. Will not force a bent strut into a wheel well like other systems.
  6. Made from durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
  7. Solid locking
  8. Realistic Speed.
  9. 2 Year Warranty.
  10. We have the safest and most user-friendly Gear-door sequencer on larger retracts which will only close a Gear-Door if the gear retracted fully.

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