Gold120 series retract ACE Controller


The Gold series retract ACE Controller is a state of the art, microchip controlled controller mechanism that adds reliability and function to retract systems that’s been impossible up to now.


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  1. The D&L Advanced Computerized Electronics retract controllers is the first and only retract controllers with so many features and safety also incorporating voltage regulation for your gear system which will protect your receiver from excessive current draws.
  2. Voltage regulated system provides consistent cycle times, longer motor life and less power usage than other systems.
  3. The ACE unit even makes distinction between the Retraction cycle and Extension Cycle of the gear and becomes more sensitive towards the ends of the retraction cycle where the wheel goes into a wheel well, which means it wont force a bent landing gear strut into a wheel well like other systems would.
  4. The ACE unit also uses more power during the Extension Cycle to accommodate for higher speeds and wind resistance when you are flying to fast when you extend the gear.
  5. The ACE unit auto adjusts its power and cutoff settings based on your individual wheel weights and strut length.
  6. The ACE unit has LED lights indicating which mode it’s in:
    1. Solid Red                              Wheels up and locked
    2. Flashing Red                        Wheels being retracted
    3. Solid Green                           Wheels down and locked
    4. Flashing Green                    Wheels being extended


  1. The ACE unit will only activate once your Transmitter gear switch is aligned with the last setting you switched your model off, and will not retract your wheels accidently like most other systems do!
  2. The ACE unit has an extra port for auxillary power. You can power the retracts directly from the battery ensuring your receiver will have ample power available for the servo’s



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