We realize that you might already have a set of air retracts which have to be converted to an electric system. Given our abilities and technology, this is usually a simple process with results that you will find satisfactory.

Your retract conversion will be completed and shipped back approximately 3-4 weeks after they are received at our manufacturing facility. No external changes are made to your retracts, thus, they will fit right back onto your model. The only changes will be a replacement of the pneumatic lines with servo leads.

Remember: When ordering your conversion, please fill in the conversion Info sheet and send it along with your retracts.

Being an ex Robart distributor, we do offer complete packages as well as DIY installation kits for this product.

48” electric actuator extension lengths can also be provided, upon request. Our actuators are reliable and powerful, but, require the latest CPU based controllers to be of any worth.

We incorporate serious computing power in order to provide never before seen reliability. Our DL500 Advanced ACE system provides functions that will save you many hours of setting up and fixing linkages and gear doors. This is accomplished by a PC/laptop based linkage via our user-friendly software. The software will also detect possible gear damage during take-off and will not force a bent strut into the wheel-well. Unlike other sequencers, the DL500 will never close gear doors unless the gear is fully retracted.

Click here for a link to see all the features of this superb gear controller.

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Down and Locked is designed to fit on almost any remote control airplane in the market. And if we don’t have a product that is tailored for your model, we’ll build you a set of custom landing gears. Contact us now and land on reliable gear again!