Thank you for purchasing one of our platinum Master Ace DL550 or DL650 Gear & Geardoor Sequencer controllers. Please note the difference between the 500/600 Series controllers are mainly the use of different Voltage geardrive motors. The way you would program your geardoor settings are the same regardless of which type unit you received with your retracts.

A) The DL550 Series does voltage regulation to ensure the Gearmotors get a regulated 6,5V power regardless of what battery (2-3S Lipo) is connected to the Green MPX plug.

B) The DL650 Series is designed for use with 12V Geardrive motors and usually used on the very large and biggest retracts requiring 12V power

You can download the latest version of the Programming Software for both the DL550 and DL650 here:

DL550/650 Setup Software

A4 Customers Please download the specialised software for your A4 here

Once you downloaded the DLGCS (Down&LockedGearControllerSoftware) file install the Geardoor program on your Windows based computer and open the program which has a built in Wizard/Tutorial that will take you through the initial Geardoor setup procedure.

Note: the Controller needs to be plugged into your computer with the supplied USB cable and will then load the gear control settings automatically and also store them back onto the memory of the controller as you make changes. You will only need to set your plane’s individual needed geardoor settings NOT the drive unit settings as they pre programmed into the controller at the factory. Although these settings can be adjusted afterwards, it can and often will lead to gear failures if it is not done correctly and will require our assistance.